Our Services

Style Home Real Estate has a commitment to excellence that is continually represented throughout all of our diverse projects, ranging from residential and commercial real estate to our various retail centers and our property development and management services. We strive to build our client’s investments every part of the way. Explore our various services to see how Style Home can serve your investment needs.


Style Home Real Estate provides comprehensive and integrated property management services, in terms of management and marketing, which entitles our clients to enjoy the following benefits: Achieving the highest occupancy levels. Ensuring to have the right quality of tenants, who will be committed to timely payments of their rents, as to achieve the best collection and the ideal cash flow. Rationalizing expenditures, while maintaining the quality and providing the best sub-contractors and service companies, as to properly maintain the property, the matter that will preserve and lengthen its life cycle. Providing accurate and precise information concerning the various trends, developments and changes that occur in the real estate market, such as the supply and demand levels, rental levels and expected financial returns.


Backed up by a professional team supported with the academic knowledge and the practical experience and know-how of the real estate sector, Style Home Real Estate provides various integrated consultancy services pertaining to property development. The scope of such services enables our clients to adopt a well structured and researched approach either to refurbish an existing property and maximize its revenue, or planning for real estate investment at the initial stages of studying the feasibility of such development.


Style Home Real Estate is an official accredited and approved “Evaluation Expert” for many government and private organizations among which are the banks, and a wide base of investors, developers and private firms. The evaluation reports include the assessment and inspection of the properties/buildings and providing detailed appraisal reports all in accordance with the international regulations and guidelines and as per the latest approved methods and standards.


Our freehold services provide broad alternatives that cover apartments, villas and townhouses at the various freehold developments, the matter that facilitates choosing the most suitable property at the best possible price. The credibility that we have earned with clients’ service at the freehold market is another living evidence of the leading role that Style Home Real Estate plays in this sector.


One of the most requirements for a real estate project’s success is to conduct a feasibility study before getting started with any investment. At Style Home Real Estate, we provide our clients and investors with feasibility studies that are based on a wide database, precise and accurate information, UAE knowledge and awareness of the real estate markets and a scientific methodology of carrying out such studies.


Our marketing plans start with providing an executive summary on the current market situation, competitors, as well as the potential opportunities and possible threats involved with any project that we handle and for the different market sectors within the real estate market. Along with the executive summary, our marketing team provides professional recommendations concerning the best selling / renting rates that tally with the going supply and demand levels as well as the factors that need to be considered while positioning and marketing the different types of properties.